Resources for applying to the COPS Grant by July 22nd 

Apply for funding the easier way 

Applying for the COPS grant is a complex process, involving a 61-page solicitation document, hard-to-use software, and confusing terminology. Many of the required steps take multiple weeks to complete, which means submitting the application by July 22, 2021 by 7:59 PM ET is extremely challenging. 

You may be wondering when you’ll find time to apply with all your other responsibilities, and is it worth the time and frustration?  

Fortunately PowerDMS, a policy and accreditation management platform, developed helpful resources to guide you through the COPS grant application process. These free resources help you in a few ways:

●     Condenses COPS’ 61-page document into a consumable step-by-step guide


     Simplifies pages of complex terminology and instructions


     Provides helpful downloads including a checklist and sample templates  

In short, PowerDMS did the hard work so your agency can apply for $75,000 in funding before July 22, 2021. To submit your application in time, however, you need to start the process now. 

Visit the PowerDMS website to sign up for these free resources. PowerDMS is also working on creating templates for two key documents you’ll need for the grant application: project narrative and budget narrative. To get access to those templates, fill out the form and PowerDMS will email them to you as soon as they are available.



Department of Justice (DOJ) Mandates (Click here for UCOPA Letter)

       -Chiefs Attest Letter for Certification Utah



The goal of accreditation through the Utah Chiefs of Police Association is to improve standards and services delivered by membership agencies.   Through the process agencies can demonstrate that it meets predetermined standards that can and will improve service levels of your agency. 

More Information

Partnering with Utah Chiefs

The Utah Chiefs of Police Sponsorship Program has been designed to create partnerships with organizations whose objectives support the law enforcement profession.  This program is an ideal way to promote your organization through law enforcement leaders throughout the state of Utah.  For more information click the link below.