Chiefs’ Annual Conference in March


The 2018 Annual Utah Chiefs of Police Conference will be held on
March 26 through 29, 2018

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2017 Conference in Review

Speaker: Chief Eric Jones, Stockton California

Presentation: Chief Jones discussed Police Community Interactions and it’s foundation of culture and leadership. His presentation can be foundĀ here.

The website for the NI can be found at , and the National Network for Safe Communities, which is leading the project, is at


Below are some resources regarding research on trust between immigrants and police, particularly as it relates to collaboration between local law enforcement and ICE.

  • Crossing the Line of Legitimacy (Goff et al, attached): Cross deputizing law enforcement to cover immigration enforcement can essentially cut crime reporting in half among non-citizens, with effect on 1st and 2nd generation citizens too. The findings depicted in the bar graph included in this document are especially stark and may be worth highlighting.
  • Kirk et Al (attached): Immigrant communities are usually more likely to trust police and have lower crime, but immigration enforcement can undermine that.
  • Study from Costa Mesa, California: Shift to immigration enforcement reduced likelihood of crime reporting, worsened community perceptions of police.